Condominium Master Insurance Policy Certificates of Coverage

The Fountain Hills Condominium has a Master Insurance Policy to insure the common elements and individual units, except for any personal property, improvements and betterments installed in units by unit owners, other than the developer. If the cause of any damage to or destruction of any portion of the condominium originates from a unit, the owner of that unit is responsible for the first $10,000 of the condominium association’s deductible.

Unit owners can be required to send proof or evidence of coverage of the Condominium's Master Insurance Policy. Often these certificates of coverage are required for obtaining or refinancing a mortgage. Periodically a mortgage servicer may request proof of the condominium's Master Insurance Policy. As a service to condominium unit owners certificates of coverage can be obtained at no charge through EOI Direct.


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Each unit owner should review their homeowner’s insurance (HO-6) policy. Each individual condominium unit owner will be responsible for up to $10,000.00 of the Condominium’s master policy insurance deductible if the source of the casualty damage originates from their unit. Additionally, each unit owner should be aware that the Condominium’s master policy insurance does not cover the unit owner’s personal contents and belongings, or any betterments or improvements, nor does it cover the master policy insurance deductible of up to $10,000.00 for repairs to damaged areas when the source of the damage originates from any part of their unit.