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  • The Condominium Board holds its meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Board meetings are open to all residents and unit owners. Meetings are held telephonically. Please refer to the Calendar of Events page for information for the telephone number or link to join the meeting.

  • 2nd Attempt for the Annual Meeting is December 8, 2022. Look for the Notice of Annual Meeting to be delivered by US Mail. If you have not received your meeting notice, please email our community manager Annie Geralis ageralis@vanguardmgt.com to get the notice sent to you.

  • Balcony Replacement Project Updated Information: (November 25th)

    • 18825 Sparkling Water: The work on the balconies and patios at 18825 Sparkling Water continues. Balcony support columns on the first floor patios were found to have been set in concrete. The work to replace them and patch the concrete should be completed soon.

    • 18821 and 18819 Sparkling Water: The Balcony Repair and Replacement Project is moving forward under the contractor hired by the condominium and the supervision of the engineering firm retained to guide the work. 18821 Sparkling Water is the project's first Pulte style building undergoing the balcony tear-down. On removing the balcony boards and railings the contractor and engineer found evidence of water damage in the exterior corner columns. Work has been paused for the contractor and engineer to prepare a work plan and change order to expand the scope of the project to repair/replace the compromised sections of the exterior columns as well as an inspection plan for the remaining 11 Pulte style buildings. When the Board receives the work plan and change order there will be a better understanding on when the work on 18821 and 18819 SW will resume.

  • Letter to Condominium unit owners and residents regarding appointment of Vanguard Management Associates as property manager beginning April 1, 2022.

  • Application for Parking Permits: New or Replacement

  • Pet Etiquette

  • Trash & Recycling

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

  • Notice of Loss to be furnished to the Condominium in cases of damage or casualty loss

  • Certificates of Insurance: Instructions for downloading condominium Certificates of Coverage

  • Architectural Control Standards and Applications for Changes (ARC)

  • Condominium Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 adopted by Board