Welcome to the website of the Fountain Hills Condominium Association of Germantown, Maryland. This site serves as the public resource for all Fountain Hills condominium residents. The TownSq internet portal maintained by condominium's management company serves as the official source of board announcements, notices and information for unit owners.

Please note that the Fountain Hills Community HOA (the master association) is managed by a separate board and management agent. If you have questions related to the Fountain Hills Community, please refer to their website for additional information.

Board meetings for the Fountain Hills Condominium Association are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Monthly board meetings are held virtually through your computer or your phone. Dial-in information for these meetings is posted in the calendar of events and the TownSq portal. All condominium residents are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the homeowner's forum. You may bring issues to the Board's attention at any time by contacting our Management Agent.

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